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Antonello's Butcher Shop

Uncle Giuseppe and his family are the owners of "Alusa Breeding"; he is a breeder of other times, honest and of few words. He embraced the "from farm to table" philosophy many years before the expression, sometimes used only for advertising purposes, became commonly used.


He is proud of his job and does it with passion but does not hide the fatigue, the sacrifices and the daily struggle with the power of the market and competition from factory farming that he's been facing for more than fifty years.


To achieve his goal, anticipating times, back in 1998 he opened Antonello's Butcher Shop with his children providing customers with genuine products without intermediaries. The cuts of meat come from his "Charolais" breed of cattle.

The calves are naturally fed until weaning and live all year round in the wildness of the extensive grazing of Peschiera (La Caletta) and that of the natural park of Bèrchida. They feed mainly on the fresh pasture grass and hay produced on the farm (no compound, industrial feed) and spend only a short time in the barn before slaughter.

Thanks to Uncle Giuseppe's know-how and care the meat is of excellent quality and very tasty. His son Salvatore has also embraced Uncle Giuseppe's philosophy.

Besides offering cuts selected from the family's livestock, he selects cuts of pork, lamb and poultry coming only from Sardinian farms for his customers and makes and seasons sausages, salami, bacon and capocolli. In Antonello's Butcher Shop you can also buy the best cheese produced by the Armentizia dairy of Siniscola and other excellent food and wine. Everything "from farm to table" of course.

From May to September you can also buy products from Antonello's Butcher Shop in Santa Lucia, a fishing village and popular resort six km from Siniscola.


Antonello's Butcher Shop, guarantee of quality and courtesy since 1998.


"From farm to table"

From farm to table products since 1998


address: Via De Gasperi, 183 - 08029 SINISCOLA (NU)

telephone: +39 339 7018539-333 1012503

email: macelleriacontu@tiscali.it


Antonello's Butcher Shop
Antonello's Butcher Shop
Antonello's Butcher Shop
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