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COMUNE di Siniscola

"A journey into History"

Siniscola Archaeological sites

The combination of archaeological and landscape assets, together with its traditions, is the most precious thing Siniscola can offer you.

Archaeologists of all countries envy us for having inherited so many testimonials dating back to antiquity; in fact, no other country in the world has this privilege.

Sardinia is a real open-air museum ... primitive secrets are hidden everywhere, fragments, relics, statues and vases that tell of a civilization belonging to very ancient times.

The territory of Siniscola alone gives you the opportunity to visit numerous nuragic sites, there are about 46 of them belonging to the Bronze Age among the main ones which include: 5 caves of archaeological importance, 32 nuraghi, 4 tombs of giants and 4 nuragic villages.

Sites that conceal a hidden, magical side that travellers and explorers stop to admire. 

The island was the cradle of the Nuragic civilization for millennia, a fascinating and mysterious people, able to dominate rocks and stone creating massive towers, houses and necropolis with unique characteristics and dimensions.


Nuraghi in Siniscola

In 1933, the nuraghi of Siniscola were classified according to the areas of location, very fascinating places that will make your trip more exciting and adventurous.
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Nuragic villages

Nuragic villages

In the territory of Siniscola you can also visit the ruins of some Nuragic villages.
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Domus de Janas

Siniscola Domus de Janas

At about 3 km from the town you can visit the magical Domus de Janas located on the Cuccuru 'e Janas hilltop, along the road between Siniscola and La Caletta.

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The caves located in the territory of Siniscola are of great archeological and naturalistic importance; you can visit them also inside and thus enjoy their millennial silence.

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Tombs of giants

Siniscola Tombs of Giants

There are also numerous tombs of giants that can be visited, losing yourself in the pristine green countryside.
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