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Siniscola is a town on the north-eastern coast of Sardinia, 55km south of Olbia; with its 12,500 inhabitants it is the second largest town in the province of Nuoro.

It borders Irgoli, Lod, Lula, Onifai, Orosei, Posada and Torp. The landscape is dominated by Montalbo, which rises south-west of the city centre. An area of ​​great naturalistic interest, it is home to many tourist, sports and cultural activities, in fact, the variety of the mountain territory and 22 km of coastline alternating cliffs and beaches are the scene of horse riding, caving, climbing, downhilling and kite surfing

Siniscola has a pretty varied and rugged landscape, with hills, flood plains, coastal lagoons and complex limestone hills like Monte Albo that dominates the town with peaks up to 1,127 metres high. To the south there are shale hillsides covered with Mediterranean vegetation with pastures and vineyards; to the south-east we have granite conformations in the coastal area towards Capo Comino and Bèrchida. The coast is mainly sandy with wide beaches alternated by dune reliefs with wetlands and beaches interspersed with the mouths of short watercourses.

The territory covers an area of about 20,000 hectares stretching from the sea to the mountains. At the foot of Monte Albo, a high and precipitous limestone ridge along the namesake river, Siniscola faces the beaches and cliffs of the east Sardinian coast.

The area offers a range of natural and agricultural landscapes of astonishing variety, from the dolomitic-limestone mountain area of Monte Albo to the cultivated ones (orchards, vineyards, pastures) of the plain crossed by rivers that flow in large coastal lagoons; from the rolling shale hills that limit the wide beach between La Caletta and Santa Lucia to the golden granite reliefs that slope down towards the red porphyry cliffs of Capo Comino, the small coves of fine white sand and the wild beauty of the ponds and the beach of Bèrchida .

The region's vocations appear evident in this natural setting of great beauty and historical and environmental interest. Siniscola is in fact the centre of gravity of a vast territory called high Barony which includes a part of the province of Nuoro. A traditional 'door' between the coastal areas to the south of Olbia and the inland areas of Barbagie, the centre has adequate social facilities and equipment, it is home to important public offices and is animated by a growing use of its traditional resources (agriculture , breeding, fishing and crafts) and by more recent production activities, including tourism.

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