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COMUNE di Siniscola

Artijanos e Artistas in cunzertu Association

Born from the union of a group of artists and craftsmen who have as a common project to promote art and traditional crafts with an eye to ancient Sardinian tradition. These include various artists like potters, painters, embroiderers, basket makers, painters, but also, writers, musicians, singers ...


One of the objectives of the association is also to introduce young people to the world of ''handmaking'' giving ancient craftsmanship, neglected after years and years of industrialisation, the authentic original value.


With a series of events organised and brought on stage throughout the year, the association does not rule out the possibility of creating craft courses in future, also with social, therapeutic or economic development purposes.

Appointments: The association meets, offering also a craft market, from 9.00 to 13.00 on the second Saturday of the month in the square in front of the Public Library of Siniscola and on the fourth Saturday of the month at the cove in Piazza Berlinguer.


E-mail: infotiscali@artedintorni.eu


Artijanos e Artistas in cunzertu
Artijanos e Artistas in cunzertu
Artijanos e Artistas in cunzertu
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