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Auser Association

The Auser - NPO is an association for charity work and social promotion aimed at enhancing the elderly and increasing their role in society. Auser aims to combat all forms of social exclusion, improve the quality of life, promote the culture and practice of solidarity so that every age has a value and every person a life plan through which to become a resource for themselves and for others.

Toll free number: +39 800 995988 - open from 15:00 to 18:00 every day except weekends and holidays. Its function is to support all the hospital centres and doctors; to take care of bureaucratic procedures on request and assist the elderly including shopping delivery at home, transport for the disabled and much more.


Info and contacts

Auser Siniscola

Via Fabio Filzi 41 - 08029 Siniscola (NU) Cellulare: 349 8337363

E-mail: pietrobomboi.siniscola@auser.sardegna.it; siniscola@auser.sardegna.it



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