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Bèrchida Beach

Along a short stretch of dirt road surrounded by green countryside, among the chirping of birds and the rustle of the wind through the vegetation, suddenly you reach the sea. It's blue. Incredibly blue. And you cannot help but stop there sitting still to admire the spectacle that appears before your eyes:

the scenery of the Beach of Bèrchida.


It's considered the 'pearl' of the east coast of Sardinia for its preciousness and uniqueness.

It's distinguished by a stretch of several kilometers of fine white sand set among ancient junipers and pink granite including a peculiar rock, pushing out towards the sea, called "Su collu de sa marchesa". All this comes together with seabeds of unbelievable beauty and transparency that recall Caribbean landscapes, where you abandon yourself to be lulled among the pristine green of the vegetation and the low, golden 'Montes de Mare' bordering in the background which make it even more lonely and wild.


This beach is also a barrier for the rio Bèrchida, creating a pond that, with its water richly populated by animal species, will put you totally in touch with Mother Nature, the only creator of this place


One of the peculiarities of this beach is the presence, in some periods of the year, of cattle that stop undisturbed and harmless on the white sand and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

This part of the area has gained recognition as area of ​​particular naturalistic-envorinmental value and therefore, to be totally protected.

A unique piece of heaven that will make you understand that, when travelling, charm is an essential value.



Bèrchida is considered by many the most beautiful beach in the world. It is not a surprise if those who arrive are fascinated by its white dazzling radiance, its clear waters and the pristine green of the surrounding nature.

Beautiful Bèrchida, who has seen you once will never forget you!

Bèrchida Beach
Bèrchida Beach
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