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The beach of Capo Comino
The beach of Capo Comino

Immersed in wilderness, you can admire one of the most beautiful natural sceneries that Sardinia offers: The beach of Capo Comino.


A huge beach of wild beauty marked by white, towering sand dunes surrounded by juniper trees that form strange natural huts and by two coastal salt marshes in which pink flamingos and white herons reflect themselves.

The waters that surround this beach are transparent like few and out in front, floating in the sea like a ship adrift, in the clear emerald waters that flicker like gold, you can see "The Island of Ruja".


An islet of red porphyry within swimming or walking distance from the beach which makes the panorama even more impressive.

This area of ​​great naturalistic interest, the beaches, the sea bed and crystal clear waters make it a popular tourist attraction which for its beauty has been the setting for several films as well like: "Swept away by an unusual destiny in the blue sea of ​​August" with Giancarlo Giannini and Mariangela Melato, "Black Stallion" by Francis Ford Coppola, "Swept Away" (2001) with Madonna.

Here paradise continues underwater where the clear seabed, which slopes gently, is the ideal environment for long swims and diving among Posidonia seagrass, the remains of a Roman fleet surprised by a storm in the time of Nero and the wreck of a Corsair of the French Air Force.


Also in the south, along the hot, smooth rocks of the coast, you can pay a visit to the lighthouse of Capo Comino, built on a reddish granite promontory;

In the background, on top of the hill surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, is the lighthouse of Punta Artora, near the homonymous nuraghe.

Up here your heart swells at the sight of the picturesque landscape offering a panorama of open mountains and beaches set in a vast, lonely sea where the sky merges with the colours of the sea in an infinite calm.


This is a magical and enchanting place to spend days devoted to sea life, resting and relaxing in an ode to wild life.

Capo Comino
Capo Comino lighthouse
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