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COMUNE di Siniscola

"There is something deeper than our sea"

celebrations and traditions

You only need to pack your bag with the essential, in Siniscola your heart will be filled by an ancient culture offering a succession of festivals where the sacred and the profane come together creating unique traditions.

In December, Siniscola is filled with lights and every church and square is decorated with the Holy Nativity, thus creating an atmosphere of magic and spirituality. There are many entertainments that are organised for adults and children in order to enliven the Christmas holidays until Epiphany.



In the month of January you will be enchanted by the "Sant'Antoni" festival, in the square and Church of St. Anthony. The peculiarity of this event is to set fire to piles of ramasinu (rosemary). On the day of the festival superstition and faith mix together and, after the priest's blessing, the fires flare up and the night lights up with sparks. During the celebrations you drink the best wine and eat cakes prepared for the occasion, the evening continues with "The Favata'' outdoors and is enlivened by dancing in the streets until late at night.


In February, always in the spirit of enjoyment, we have the ''Siniscolese Carnival'' characterised by parades of floats, dancing in the square, various dance events and tastings of ''Sos Fusones'', a sweet typical of our carnival.



In the month of March we celebrate St Joseph in the sanctuary bearing the same name. During the celebrations you can taste our products, admire the creations of local artisans and attend performances of folk groups.


Between March and April we celebrate the Holy Week rites during which some of the oldest and loved traditions of the area are renewed such as: the Stations of the Cross, theatre performances of the passion of Christ and "S'Incontru", solemn rites which are repeated year after year in all their fascinating beauty.

On 1 May we have the feast of St. James, which takes place in the rural sanctuary, and the second Sunday of the month is the feast in honour of Our Lady of Fatima: three days of faith and fun in a mix of religious and civil rites .


Among the main events of May which you must not miss, we have "Spring in Barony": a festival lasting four days among culture, hospitality, crafts, tastes and knowledge of Barony through a Sea and Mountain itinerary.

Corpus Christi is celebrated between May and June with a procession through the streets of the town while in the quaint suburb of Santa Lucia they hold the first summer festival called '' Flavours of the sea''.


At the end June there are the celebrations for St. Peter that take place in the rural sanctuary, do not miss to admire the extremely impressive location; and the celebrations in honour of St. John, the patron saint of Siniscola, which provide three days of religious and civil events through the streets of the town.

During July and August, the programme of summer events includes concerts, festivals, theatre, white nights, folk dancing and singing, races to the ring and much more in the spirit of tradition and fun.


The 2nd Sunday in August is the celebration day of the Feast of Our Lady of Stella Maris at Capo Comino featuring a procession by sea, while the 14 August is the celebration day of the Feast of the Assumption with religious rites.


In September, the seaside suburb of St. Lucia hosts the famous International Festival: Three days dedicated to culture, the environment, art and fun for the promotion of tourism in a picturesque setting for concerts, regattas, theatre performances, film festivals and exhibition markets. During the third Sunday in September, the celebrations for Our Lady of Health take place in Luittu, a location where you can observe the beauty of Mont'Albo and taste typical local products.


On the second Sunday in October you cannot miss to participate in the celebration in honour of Our Lady of Grace, an event that has been repeated for more than 200 years.


The 4 days of festivities are characterised by an alternation of numerous initiatives both cultural and religious that reach their climax with a procession on foot and horseback which winds along the streets of the town, a special occasion to admire the splendour of Siniscola traditional costumes and participate in a celebration that still maintains much of its old charm.

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