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Churches in Sardinia

From St. Peter's the trip continues toward the valley along a very uneven road due to the roughness of territory. From here, after about three kilometres, you reach the church of Saint James (Santu Iacu 'Ezzu) located in a thick arbutus wood. The building is in a valley shaped like an amphitheatre. It is a church dedicated to the Apostle St. James the Great.

It fell into disrepair during the nineteenth century probably because of the considerable distance from Siniscola.

In the second half of the eighteenth century it was considered interdicted (1777). A statue of St. Christopher and a wooden image of St. James which is now in the other church of St. James in the Locoli region, were kept inside the church. Of the ancient ruins only two aisles remain of which one with more archaic forms for the masonry and the apse with splayed window.

The left aisle has masonry made with local schist and roof tile wedgings. In the front, part of the original gable facade is still visible with a bell tower on the side and a porch in front of which the holes in the walls remain. The area is also very interesting from an archaeological point of view. The church of St. James was probably the religious centre of a major medieval settlement after abandoned because of epidemics and the Aragon wars, the ruins of which crop up in the hillsides above the church.

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