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Crafts in Siniscola

As for traditional crafts, Siniscola has significantly held on to pottery making.


It is a modest activity in economic terms but very important for the promotion of the territory, as a support to the promotion of tourism. Historical sources show that the art of pottery is documented in Siniscola already from the 9th century, thanks to the presence in the territory of clay "good" for pottery.


The artefacts include pitchers, plates, candlesticks, soup bowls, bowls and other home fittings and items for everyday use. The pottery shape varies in style and colour: it is reminiscent of archaic shapes with greenish colouring and simple engravings with floral motifs and other shapes with reddish colouring, up to the most modern profiles entirely lacquered with colours laid in uniform backgrounds.


Sardinian handicraft has always been closely linked to the needs of a rural and pastoral economy and even today, every artefact encloses the soul of our territory.


Twining cane, asphodel or willow responded to the need to create baskets and objects necessary for a subsistence economy, the same as woodworking for making decorated chests and the machining of typical knives with handles made of mouflon or mutton horn.


Our craft products are a testimonial value of our culture, objects of antique charm that transform the room where they are placed, enhancing the setting.


You can see and buy local handcrafted objects in Siniscola, La Caletta or Santa Lucia throughout the year and during the various festivals held in the long summer evenings.

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