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Domus de Janas

At about 3 km from the town you can visit the magical Domus de Janas located on the Cuccuru 'e Janas hilltop, along the road between Siniscola and La Caletta.

They are pre-nuragic tombs carved into the rocks on a shale hill. Popular imagination, as in much of Sardinia, had attributed an imaginary origin to the domuses, as unreal places populated by Janas (fairies).

Before archaeologists discovered the function of these sites, they were believed to be inhabited by tiny beings, just like fairies and goblins, because the excavations in the rock were so inaccessible that they seemed to be destined as a home for fantastic creatures. According to legend, Janas were good-looking fairies that could be kind or spiteful depending on the events and the people they took interest in. Some believed they inhabited also the nuraghi and castle ruins where they spent their days weaving gold thread on their looms and that they were the guardians of great treasures.

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