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COMUNE di Siniscola

Giglio Marino

ice cream parlour Siniscola - Santa Lucia

Our ice cream parlour-Bar-Café "Giglio Marino" is situated in the suburb of Santa Lucia, in Via Genova no. 5, on the promenade a short disctance from the beautiful scenery of the beach of Santa Lucia.

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Bar Le Vele

Le Vele Bar

Le Vele Café of Rosanna Caggiu,

Via Cagliari, 37,

08029, La Caletta (NU).

+39 0784/810236

+39 334/9199852


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Gana and Gortoe Café

Gana and Gortoe Café Siniscola

Breakfast, happy hour, events and live music open every day from 4:30 a.m.

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