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Gana 'e Gortoe B&B

We are located 5 metres from the sea at the foot of Mont'Albo where you can go hiking 5 metres from the famous "Gana 'e Gortoe Cave" to admire the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites, a beautiful pond inside and also a very rare animal, the black salamander, which is not found all over Sardinia.

It's a good opportunity to do some caving, other caves can be found 15 minutes from Siniscola on the "Punta Artora" and "Sa conca 'e Locoli" site, as well as to visit rural churches and the lighthouse at Capo Comino near which there are impressive sand dunes which have been a favourite location for shooting movies. Finally, we have the beautiful beach of "Berchidda" where the water is crystal clear and the sand is of a silvery colour. We are very hospitable and love to organise fairs for the enjoyment of the tourists who come to visit us.

The B&B is located at the entrance of Siniscola coming from Olbia and you will find a lot of hospitality here: a very clean, cozy and cool house with air conditioning and clean linen.


We hope to welcome you soon.

Bb Siniscola
Bb Siniscola
Bb Siniscola
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