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Traditional cuisine

Traditional Sardinian cuisine

Siniscola, a land of flavours and fragrances where the skill of the breeders, dairymen and farmers transforms the fruits of our land into products rich in goodness.

Sa Pompia Siniscolesa


The Pompia, an ancient and mysterious citrus, grows in Siniscola like a strange gift of nature...

Sa Suppa Siniscolesa


Sa suppa siniscolesa is one of those dishes that taste of home.

It is a first course, very exclusive ...

Traditional Sweets

Traditional Sardinian sweets

Siniscolese cuisine offers a variety of traditional confectionery for every occasion, typical sweets that will leave you pleasantly surprised ...

Su Pane Carasatu

carasatu bread

Carasatu bread is a typical Sardinian bread, widespread in all the island ...


Traditional recipes

Sardinian Recipes

In this section you will find a collection of recipes typical of our area.

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