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Giglio Marino

Our Ice cream parlour-Bar-Café "Giglio Marino" is situated in the suburb of Santa Lucia, in Via Genova no. 5, on the promenade a short disctance from the beautiful scenery of the beach of Santa Lucia.


In the bar we prepare cocktails and mocktails, soft drinks, teas, cappuccinos and coffee;

but ICE CREAMS are the specialty of the house, we produce them handmade, with quality raw materials, always using the best ingredients.


In our ice cream parlour, in addition to the most classical tastes, you can enjoy regular goodies like "S'abbattu honey" ice cream, the one with myrtle berries, cassata with goat ricotta cheese, hazelnut ice cream made with hazelnuts from Piedmont and the pistachio ice cream, only made with pistachios from Bronte.

You can also enjoy ice lollies, the refined "Sa Pompia" ice cream (a slow food citrus fruit), the many variations of ice cream with seasonal fruits, figs pears camusine, and many other flavours, all made with first class organic ingredients.

Our ice cream parlour aims to offer customers a high quality product with professionalism and courtesy.


"Giglio Marino" Ice cream parlour-Café-bar .

Via Genova, No. 5, Fraz. Santa Lucia, Siniscola.

Email: gigliomarinosas@yahoo.it

Phone: +39 380 4607980 (Giuseppe Dalu)

Ice creams Siniscola
Ice creams Siniscola
Ice creams Siniscola
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