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Starting your journey along the coast, in the North-East you will find the suburb of La Caletta, a well-known seaside resort with several hotels and tourist accommodation and all necessary facilities and nightlife for a relaxing, happy holiday.


In La Caletta you can stroll along the quays of the marina which also offers numerous services to mariners and moorings for pleasure craft and fishing vessels.

Here, along the road that leads from La Caletta to Santa Lucia, you can relax by going to the beach of La Caletta. Here you have Monte Albo and the hills in the background.


The pine forest on one side and the pond on the other embrace the vast expanse of about 5 km, where low dunes and sea lilies give way to an expanse of fine white sand wet by water with colours varying between cobalt blue and emerald green, creating a unique landscape.

La Caletta
La Caletta

The port of La Caletta

In La Caletta there is an important commercial and pleasure craft port with many piers and adequate services. It could be a good starting point for visiting the coast to the south which has no ports or for trips to the hinterland that offers many things to see both north and south.


It is located in an area where once the ancient Roman Portus Liguidonis stood and it 's always been a natural landing, exploited in all ages.

The modern port was built between 1956 and 1958 with funds from the Autonomous Region of Sardinia. This is the largest public marina on the east coast of Sardinia.


It's a class IV port which acts as a commercial port and fishing and tourist port ..


It's enclosed by a breakwater about 205 m long with an extension without quays about 40 m long to the north-east and a breakwater consisting of two arms, one of which with quays equipped with mooring bollards and rings allowing the mooring for boats with up to 5 m draft; the fishing fleet composed of about 30 units is accomodated on this side of the quay.


The port is sheltered from the winds from north, north-east and south .


Pleasure craft are mainly moored on the north side of the basin where fixed and mobile structures are able to accommodate about 400-500 boats.


The port of La Caletta is able to accommodate fast ferries and recent infrastructure built on shore has optimised this function. Being built in the residential area it is, of course, equipped with all the main services.

Main Services

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