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La Caletta Folk Group Cultural Association

La Caletta Folk Group

''La Caletta Folk Group'' began performing in April 2012 when some girls from the Siniscolese suburb, dancers for several years, decided to establish a folk group consisting of women only, giving it the name of the seaside suburb.

The idea to establish an exclusively female folk group was born from the desire to rediscover and promote the moments of aggregation typical of the Sardinian matriarchal culture.

In the days dedicated to spinning or making bread and sweets while the men worked in the fields or at the sheepfolds, women used to indulge in brief moments of leisure, singing songs and dancing.

Our group, therefore, intends to spread the harmony of these moments, proudly wearing the traditional costumes of Siniscola; some of these, sewn and embroidered by skilled hands over a hundred years ago, have been carefully preserved and are now a source of study for creating faithful reproductions.

The Association aims to spread and promote artistic manifestations and crafts of the traditional Sardinian and, specifically, Siniscolese culture (dancing, materials, jewellery) establishing fruitful relationships with people, associations and cultural institutions presenting itself as a meeting place for social-cultural aggregation, devoted to the research and dissemination of local traditions.

In order to achieve these goals, the association intends to promote the activities through the preparation of its members; management and participation in events of local, regional and international importance; collaboration with the bodies and organisations in charge of the realisation of the activities proposed by the association; collaboration with other associations active in the field of traditional performances.


Info and Contacts

Chairwoman: Vera Turnu

Headquarters:Via Ciusa 13, 08029 Siniscola (Nu)Tel: 3407708842

E-mail: lacalettafolk@gmail.com

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