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L'oncia d'oro jewellery shop

L'Oncia d'oro jewellery workshop was opened in Siniscola in 1994 by Goldsmith Fabio Manca, awarded by the "Universit e Nobil Collegio degli Orafi S.Eligio" of Rome in 1982, and his wife Maria Grazia Spanu .


The Company gradually became stronger on the market by focusing on the sale of watches and well-known brands of jewellery and producing its own, entirely handmade jewellery marketed with the76NE brand. The jewellery workshop is able to do any type of job, from the simple repair to the most elaborate creation, we are specialised in casting and embedding stones, designing, modeling and making jewels. In 2013 we started working in the jewellery rapid prototyping sector also serving other laboratories.


L'Oncia d'oro - Jewellery Watches Goldsmith Workshop

of Maria Grazia Spanu

Via G.F. Conteddu, 85

T/fax +39 0784.877843




L'oncia d'oro jewellery shop
l'oncia d'oro
l'oncia d'oro
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