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Associazione Culturale Manikarte

Associazione Culturale Manikarte

Manikarte Cultural Association was founded on spring day in Siniscola from the union of the creative talent and knowledge of a team of experts consisting of .. Antonio Chironi, Emanuele Fenu, Manolo Patteri, Francesca Sylos Cal, Teresa Alemn, Graziano Fronteddu and Beatrice De Rosa.

Spring is the season of re-birth, of discovery, of a new beginning, there is no better time then to create a new project to enhance and re-discover the territory.

''A land full of seeds planted by our grandparents'' is how Manikarte defines the territory of Siniscola, main purpose of the Association is to carefully cultivate these seeds and look to the future without losing sight of the past.

The desire to restore and preserve the artistic, cultural, traditional and historical values of Siniscola and its territory, as well as all its craft production and manual labour that distinguishes it from any other village in Sardinia, arises from this concept.

Manikarte organises events, exhibitions, festivals, conferences, competitions, concerts and other forms of entertainment that contribute to the recovery, knowledge and passing on of the ancient values ‚Äč‚Äčthat act as the foundation of the modern community. The most important event is the Crafts Market of Santa Lucia which takes place from mid-July to mid-September, with open-air workshops, music, video installations and many other activities.

Info and Contacts

Manikarte Cultural Association

Via Matteotti 78-08029 Siniscola (NU)

Email: manikarte.onlus@gmail.com


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