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COMUNE di Siniscola

Even the least observant traveller will notice the variety of landscapes of sea, marshes, rolling hills, mountains and peaks while crossing the territory of Siniscola.

Siniscola is not only sea, its varied landscape is dominated by the imposing mass of Monte Albo, a limestone plateau '' which overlooks the town.


You will be able to admire the 13 km mountain range and enjoy wonderful days only one step from heaven. This limestone relief dates back to the Mesozoic and is rich in white gorges and caves which have given it the label of mountain of the "Sardinian Dolomites."


It covers about 8,832 hectares where you can relax in the woods, long stretches as bare as a thalamus, rocks, caves and spring water.

The highest points are two peaks: Catirina peak and Turudd peak which are located opposite one another and have a particular characteristic: they are both 1127 m high.

Monte Albo has a considerable naturalistic importance owing to the presence of important native plants and wildlife which are subject to protection and conservation.


Ancient paths which, when hiking, will give you the chance to see wild sheep, wild boars, foxes, martens, hares, the Sardinian felix , the chough, the goshawk and a few pairs of the rare Sardinian Golden eagle and numerous native animal species. One of the most peculiar ones is a "living fossil" known by the name of Geotritone of Mont'Albo (Speleomantes Flavus) which has made our caves its habitat.

Now the area is a Site of Community Importance (SCI) and is a destination appreciated by tourists who decide to go for a trip, on foot, by bike, horse or jeep, to spend unforgettable days in this stretch of unspoiled nature, where the Mont' Albo still retains all its evocative and wild beauty.

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