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Movimenta Cultural Association

MOvimenTa! is the brainchild of a group of young people to awaken from the cultural slumber which has been affecting the area for the past several years.

MOvimenTa! is a reference point for social and cultural gatherings for all ages from 0 to 99, addressing everyone in the same manner.

MOvimenTa! benefits from various forms of culture, from music to the presentation of books and from theatre to film projections as a tool for raising awareness and guiding the various appointments.

MOvimenTA! is a small association that aims to create new opportunities for cultural development in the Siniscolese territory by organising events with attention to detail that can arouse the interest of many people.


Activities carried out

  • Reading group ''I'm sorry" by and with Francesco Abate, Giacomo Casti and Marco Noce;
  • Showcase (presentation of the new album) by LUX;
  • Artistic/Literary reading group ''In one body'' by and with Claudio Bagnasco with the participation of Emanuele Fenu;
  • The association's first ''birthday'' party with the presentation of the new album by the King Howl Quartet;
  • Creative Writing Workshop held by Claudio Bagnasco;
  • Reading group ''In The Wind'' by and with Emiliano Gucci in collaboration with Lìberos, the community of Sardinian readers.
  • Photo-Graphics exhibition ''V/S. Versus'' by Paolo ''Angus'' Carta;
  • Reading/Concert "Memory of the Sea. The island, the stories and the weather. A journey in music and words'' by and with Giacomo Casti and Frantziscu ''Arrogalla'' Medda in collaboration with the Municipality of Siniscola (within the event Spring in Barony);
  • Participation in the International Music Day with ''Music for the Masses.
  • Music where you don't expect''. - II Edition. Dj-set roadshow lasting a whole day,
  • in unconventional places.
  • Activities scheduled
  • Musical project ''Everything is in its place'' by and with Alessandro ''Diablo'' Spedicati;
  • Literary/theatrical reading group ''A place also for me'' by and with Francesco Abate, Stefano Guzzetti and Irene Nonis;
  • Creative writing workshops, advertisement writing, journalism, poetry, essays, etc.;
  • Workshops on the web, social networks and the new 2.0 communications.


Services offered

  • Organising events and workshops;
  • Promotion of events (graphics, press releases);

Movimenta Cultural Association Via Nazario Sauro, 1 - La Caletta - 08029 Siniscola (NU)

Mail: movimenta.assculturale@gmail.com

Twitter: twitter.com/mOvimenTas


Movimenta Cultural Association
Movimenta Cultural Association
Movimenta Cultural Association
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