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Nuraghe in Siniscola

In 1933, the nuraghi of Siniscola were classified according to the areas of location, very fascinating places that will make your trip more exciting and adventurous.

In the Monte Albo area, in a unique natural environment and accompanied by guides, you can visit the following nuraghi:


- Nuraghe Sas Piperas:

This nuraghe, located at 580 m above sea level on the eastern side of Punta Gantinerios, is of the single tower type, built in square limestone blocks on the edge of a low flatland. With the nuraghi of Punta 'e Su Pitzu and Bona Fraule it constituted the highest watch system overlooking both sides of Monte Albo.


- Nuraghe di Concas:

A nuraghe located at 150 m above sea level at the foot of Monte Albo, of the complex type, it was built on a limestone rock ridge with a sheer drop with large polygonal limestone blocks that exploit the natural pattern of the rock.


- Nuraghe di Sa Punta e Sa Thurulia:

Located 180 m in front of the south-eastern slope of Monte Albo, of the single tower type, it was built in limestone and its structure does not exceed three metres in height. All around you can see traces of a few huts.


- Nuraghe di Bona Vraule e Nuraghe Punta ‘e su Putzu :

Both nuraghi are barely visible on the ground, but with the Nuraghe Sas Piperas they constituted the highest watch system overlooking both sides of Monte Albo.


In flat areas, instead, you can visit:


- Nuraghe Gorroppis:

Located at the foot of Monte Tintiri, not far from the road leading to La Caletta, this nuraghe is of the complex type built in limestone and shale, nowadays only the central tower is still visible.


- Nuraghe Sa Gurutta.

Located on the eastern side facing Monte Lattu, it's a nuraghe of the complex type (corridor type) located on high ground at 115 m. It was built with polygonal and square blocks of white limestone and consists of a not perfectly circular room with three recesses with a trapezoidal opening and is covered by an arched vault.


- Nuraghe Sa Domo Bianca.

This nuraghe is located at the mouth of the Rio Siniscola in the garden of a house, it probably belonged to the corridor type of nuraghi. It is about two metres high, externally built with large polyhedral blocks of white limestone with some basalt and schist inserts.

In the Bèrchida area you can visit the following nuraghi, set in one of the most striking landscapes:


- Nuraghe Abile.

This small, single tower nuraghe, built in rough-cut pink granite blocks, is in the valley of Bèrchida within a complex of significant archaeological and naturalistic interest. A path provided with explanatory signs, also illustrating other monumental ruins of the nuragic era, leads up to the top of a steep outcrop of granite rock where the elements have shaped a deep cavity certainly used as a lookout by the ancient inhabitants of the site.



- Nuraghe di Paule ‘è Luca.

It is located not far from the beach, along the course of Rio Bèrchida, perched on a rugged granite relief. It is of the single tower type and was built in rectangular granite blocks on a slight relief, integrating two spikes of natural rock in its perimeter.


- Nuraghe Conca e Umosa.

Also found in the valley of Bèrchida, the small nuraghe was built in rough-cut pink granite blocks located inside a complex of significant archaeological and naturalistic interest.


- Nuraghe Artora.

Located in the area of Capo at an altitude of 158 m, it's of the complex type. Although it is almost hidden by the construction of a concrete platform used for military purposes until the Second World War, it is worth a visit for the beautiful view it offers towards the coast. Its function as coastal lookout was probably shared, to the south, by the nuraghe Nidu de Abile, now reduced to a heap at the top of Punta, 126 m above sea level

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