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Nuragic village of Siniscola

In the territory of Siniscola you can also visit the ruins of some nuragic villages

among which the main ones are:


The Village of Luthuthai.

Located at the foot of Monte Albo near the S. Giuseppe springs, it is mentioned in several writings by Giovanni Lilliu who described a score of huts, circular or elliptical, even quite sizable, built with a stone base and a coverage of branches plastered with baked clay. In the whole area the pottery and stone tools reveal layers of life of inhabitants devoted to agriculture and to the production of clay pottery useful for the kitchen and for storing food reserves. Continuity also in Roman times has been documented on the site of the village, it seems that there was a Capuchin type burial that was destroyed.


Village of Sas Funtanas.

Located in the foothills of Monte Albo there is another village of huts, Sas Funtanas, no longer visible. Millstones have been found on the site, still in situ, together with small mills for grinding the different grains that were cultivated. In addition to the millstones there are also traces of the Roman presence on the site.


Nuragic village of Rempellos.

It's located in the valley of Bèrchida and shows use and frequentation from the nuragic era, with a large area of surface ​​clay fragments dating to middle-late imperial age and it was inhabited until the 1950's. Among the remains of houses, the ruins of a small religious building are of some interest as already found in documents of the fourteenth century.


The village of Lettu Rucratu.

It occupies the flanks of a hill overlooking the valley of the Rio Caddare and although altered by agricultural activities, retains many traces on the ground of walls, hidden and preserved at the same time by the dense vegetation of trees and shrubs.


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