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Mont'Albo's naturalistic features are not limited to springs and woods, it also offers many other very important places you can visit.

Among these we have the Tumba 'e Nurrai sinkhole, a chasm 110 metres deep that is located between Punta Catirina and Punta Turudd; while on the impressive relief of Punta Catirina you can visit the Janna Manna cave, about 200 m long, not far from that of Omines Agrestes which can also be visited at a crossroads of paths and spaces where you will almost lose track of time.


On Monte Albo you can also visit the Domus de Janas of "Mannu 'e Gruris", documenting human presence as early as the Neolithic and several caves embedded in the whole massif.

These rock treasure chests, also used in the past as natural shelters, will offer rare sights of light and shadow that will leave you breathless if you just go inside to admire them in all their beauty.

These places will put you in the presence of silence, among fascinating paths.



Among the most important caves you can visit:


Sa Prejone e s’Orcu.

Sa Prejone 'e s'Orcu (the prison of the ogre): The name refers to a fairytale destination in the local memory, it is one of the most impressive caves also under its archaeological aspect and is located in the north east of Mont'Albo, in the middle of the Riu Siccu gully. It is a karstic cave, with a natural arch inside that goes from wall to wall, which is accessed via a narrow well made of large stone masonry from which a man-made, very steep and narrow stairway with 16 steps rises. This site has been identified by archaeologists as a shrine-cave, almost unique in the Nuragic civilisation contex, a kind of Temple of the Sun God; this is proved by the first step that has the shape of a bull's head engraved with a star with five tips from where hooked rays radiate.


The Duar vuccas cave.

The duar Vuccas cave, about 30 metres long, has two entrances oriented North-South. Inside you can see signs of walls and numerous fragments of pottery.

The Bona Fraule cave.

The Bona Fraule cave is like a small, charming karstic room located below a peak with the same name. Here the discovery of precious objects like the remains of ships, swords and iron daggers, suggest it was used as a place of worship in Nuragic times.


The Sa Conca 'e Locoli cavity.

The Sa Conca 'e Locoli cavity is a fascinating natural cavity on the wall forming the natural outlet of an underground river situated at the foot of Monte Albo, it is a geologic formation similar to the "Su Bentu" cave in the Municipality of Oliena. The first section of the cave is about 400 metres long and ends with a siphon beyond which it has been explored for another 1500 metres

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