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"Resilienza" Cultural Association

What does RESILIENZA mean?

"The term 'resilienza' (resilience) in metallurgy indicates the ability of a metal to withstand the forces applied to it. For a metal resilience is the opposite of fragility. This is also true in the field of psychology: a resilient person is the opposite of an easily vulnerable one. Psychological resilience is the ability to persist in pursuing challenging objectives, effectively confronting the difficulties and other negative events that one meets on the way. The verb 'persist' indicates the idea of ​​a motivation that remains strong. " (Pietro Trabucchi)

"The speed with which a community (or an ecological system) goes back to its initial state after being subjected to a disturbance that has moved it away from that state; alterations can be caused either by natural events or by human activities. " (Encyclopaedia Treccani)



RESILIENZA Cultural Association

Our goal: to create and produce shows and theatre workshops

There are those who exercise the profession for thirty years, full time and to earn a living.

An artistic activity that requires increasing resilience in the current cultural times.

Accompanied by women and men who are his students and by his theatrical, decades-long experience.

We do not engage in the simple staging of classical or modern plays.

Our works start with an idea and are the result of joint development, starting from the study of the artistic works addressed (literature, music, painting, sculpture and visual art) and finalised in an imaginative drama.

Our registered office is in Siniscola. In addition to Siniscola, we are also active in various towns of the island.

We cooperate with the same type of associations on the mainland and organise performances with them.

The Board of Directors of the Association consists of:

Chairwoman: Caterina Anna Grazia FLORIS;

Vice-Chairman: Oreste BRAGHIERI;

General Secretary: Hans Christoph OHLY.


Siniscola theatre association
Siniscola theatre association
Siniscola theatre association
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