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COMUNE di Siniscola
Church of Sant'Efisio

From Siniscola, proceeding along the old SS. 125 road, in the direction of Nuoro, on the right you will see the church of St. Efisio. It is a modern building with a single hall built in 1968. In lieu of an ancient church built in 1707 (as evidenced by an archiepiscopal document of the time), in "honour of this blessed saint in the territory of Siniscola where he is commonly called Sa Palma, about a mile from the village"; in ''a very suitable place where workers and shepherds pass by'' so they can stop to pray and commend themselves to God before attending to their jobs. (...)''. Inside the church there are the statues of Saint Efisio, of St. Vincent and of Our Lady of Defensa. The feast in honour of the Sardinian martyr occurs in mid-October after the celebrations for the Veneration of Graces, unlike the celebrations of May Day that occur with greater pomp in Cagliari.

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