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Sa Suppa Siniscolesa
Sa Suppa Siniscolesa

Sa suppa siniscolesa is one of those dishes that taste of home.

It is a very exclusive first course, typical of the siniscolese cuisine, that still enriches the menu of the most important ceremonies.


''Sa suppa'' is prepared with fresh ingredients, ''sa Lorica'' a special bread made from durum wheat semolina, dried and cut into rounds and cooked with mutton or beef broth and with meat and melted cheese sauces.


When sauce, broth and bread are ready you proceed arranging them in layers in a large pot. Start spreading the sauce on the bottom of the pan and place a layer of slices of bread on top, at this point you pour more gravy and sprinkle with various grated cheeses; this procedure is repeated up to create three layers. 

Then you put the pot on a stove placed on hot coals, you add the broth and finally you also put some embers on the lid and cook slowly for two hours.


The main feature of this dish is its cooking, done on glowing embers which are also arranged on the lid of the pot in order to cook the whole lot au gratin.

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