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Church of St. Helen

The Church of St. Helen is located on a prominent hill two kilometres from the main road. after going down the county road within the agricultural area formerly ETFAS. The church is among the vineyards belonging to the Sant 'Elena cooperative. The church was built between 1777 and 1803 to replace an older one dedicated to St. Sixtus. The church was the main focus of the Puxeddu family and a burial place, as testified by the marble tombstones in the churchyard. In 1910 it was rebuilt at the expense of Cav. Giovanni Puxeddu.


The façade, oriented towards the centre of Siniscola, is in classical style, with overhanging eaves and cornices and false columns with two aedicular bell towers on the sides. On one side there are a rustic porch and homes for the servants. The porch outside the church is of some architectural importance, with round arches of popular taste.


The interior has a simple plan with a single nave with a barrel vault, the apse with a wooden altar and choir. You can see the wooden images of St. Helen in two versions: a modern, early twentieth century statue in the middle and a polychrome statue of St. Helen of the first half of the 18th century on the left. The site of St. Helen has outstanding landscape value.


It's at the centre of a vast agricultural area crossed by the Rio Siniscola. One can see the cultivated areas, the hills that slope down to the sea of ​​Santa Lucia, the Cuccuru and Janas hill with the flatland areas in the background and the town to the west with Monte Albo in the background.

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