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Church of St. Peter

The church of Saint Peter is located on a hill on the edge of a dirt road. The surrounding landscape consists of valleys dominated by pastures bordered by stone walls and dotted with scrub and dark, isolated wild olive trees. From the church you can see the pleasant slopes on the pink granite mountains of Bèrchida and Capo Comino sloping towards the Tyrrhenian Sea.


The church was rebuilt in 1984 on the foundations of an existing building with a rectangular hall dating from the early seventeenth century of which the outer walls and much of the facade were still preserved. The church of Saint Peter presents the typical features of rural churches. Gable-roofed façade and bellfry. The interior is covered by a wooden vault, it is a unique space punctuated by two arches and a slightly raised apse.


On the altar there is a wooden statue of St. Peter and the Virgin of Mercy in polychrome wood dating from the seventeenth century. The wall paintings and church furnishings are more recent. The church of Saint Peter of ''sedduri'', or of ''sa serra'', as archive sources call it, dates back to 1602. It was probably built in an area already settled in the Middle Ages ''surrounded by traces of population'' and then rebuilt in 1802.


Upstream of the church is the ''untana 'e idda" spring. Today the church of St. Peter is an oasis of vegetation and a shrine dedicated to St. Peter Pope, with outbuildings and a porch. The 29th of June is the day the celebrations take place with authentic forms of peasant tradition, with the rhythms and colours typical of the local festivities, with the rite of the procession, of hospitality and refreshments based on meat offered by the Siniscola shepherds.

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