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Siniscola sea

Siniscola is a real glimpse of paradise with its huge expanses of fine, white beaches and its beautiful coves accessible by land and sea. It offers breathtaking views where the clear blue sea water make it unique all over the world. Those visiting these wonderful places live unforgettable moments that remain impressed forever on their memories.

Siniscola offers 30 km of coastline with different landscapes of rare beauty with approximately 12 km of beautiful beaches that have recieved several awards for their pristine beauty. It has been awarded the 4 Sails several times by Legambiente and included in the Blue Guide 2014.

This is the letter that Legambiente sent to the mayor to inform him of this important recognition:

''Dear Mr Mayor,
your town is one of the most beautiful coastal resorts of the Italian landscape.
We are aware we are not saying anything unusual, especially considering how an approach to community development in a sustainable and farsighted way today, more than ever, makes the difference in preservation and care of the territory itself.

The Blue Guide 2014 - as always the result of the collaboration between Touring Club Italiano and Legambiente which will be presented in the middle of next June- wants to tell about ''The most beautiful sea'', that is, the most prestigious areas of our immense coastal heritage, the feather in the cap of the Bel Paese.
Now in its 14th edition, in this field the Blue Guide is a tool that takes photos of what already exists, returning a plausible picture of what a tourist will find next summer along our coasts: what type of landscape, the availability of free beaches, how much traffic, how much noise, the waste management, the water, the quality of the old town's centre and so on.
The assessment with respect to these parameters is done by assigning a score from 1 to 100 to each municipality - comparing the requirements considered as analysis meter - then synthesizing them in the assignment of Sails: from 5 for the most prestigious locations, to 1 Sail.

A selection of areas has been chosen for the 2014 edition of the Blue Guide, that is real and proper districts: composite areas that can offer stories and descriptions as harmonious and linear as possible about our coastal resorts inserted in a larger picture than their own context. 
And it is within this context - the frame that characterises and gives a specific meaning to individual locations - that we find the most significant expressions of the territories, the most beautiful sea that, thanks to a rich, natural landscape, is confirmed beautiful throughout time thanks to a virtuous administration made of political choices aimed to the sustainability and development of the area.

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that your municipality is one of these excellencies: it will have its own space in the Blue Guide 2014 having been awarded with the Sails''.

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