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Siniscola Motorcycle Club

Siniscola Motorcycle Club

This was stated in an official letter written in 1993 to present the initiative to some sports or administrative body. Siniscola Motorcycle Club was founded in 1990 by a group of bikers to foster and promote a sport that embraces a multitude of people and associations. The purpose of this association is to organise motorcycle activities in all their forms but also to organise enduro and motocross competitions. The motorcycle club can boast several regional events, all of the motorcycle tourism type. The explanation for so little variety is that Siniscola doesn't have an area where you can organise motocross events at the competitive level. The letter goes on to explain the different problems that prevent the development of the programmes and the construction of a motocross circuit. The growth that the Motorcycle Club has had in 15 years of activity is quite evident from this letter. The motocross track has been created and is now considered among the best by the island's riders. We have organised motorcycle rallies, motorcycle tours, enduro bike races, hosted the prologue of the Rally di Sardegna with riders such as Roma and Meoni, the motorcycle tour of Italy on vintage motorcycles, organised parties and participated in regional motocross and enduro championships as well as organising all regional motorcycle tourism activities. We have always been highly appreciated by the members who are aware that they are the real strength of a motorcycle club, but are also very grateful to all those who over the years have devoted efforts to help the Siniscola Motorcycle Club to reach this important position, currently occupied at a Regional level.


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E-mail: ivan.canu@alice.it




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