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Sos Tintinnatos Association

"Sos Tintinntos" Association was founded with the intention to preserve and pass on popular Siniscolese traditions.


Sos tintinnatos is the carnival traditional "peasant" mask of Siniscola, staging dances and choreographies to attract the attention of the people and make them enjoy themselves.


These are the associations goals:

  • The promotion of the Sinicolese mask and its choreography
  • Promoting its figurative and artistic component.
  • The composition of the mask of sos tintinnatos is both for males and for females.


The Sos tintinnatos Association consists of about thirty members

The Chairman is Angelo Giuseppe Funedda

The Vice-Chairman is Salvatore Canu.


Tintinnatos via Sardegna 54

telephone: +39 320 53 40 398

mail: sostintinnato@tiscali.it

Sos Tintinnatos Association
Sos Tintinnatos Association
Sos Tintinnatos Association
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