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Sposa Bella Atelier, owned by Maria CONTU, has been active in Siniscola and in the domestic market for over twenty years. The clothes are designed and made directly at the dressmaker's workshop. The skilled hands and the watchful eye of FASHION DESIGNER Maria CONTU, (Diploma in style and design) take care of every detail of her creations. BRIDE/GROOM WEDDING and CEREMONIAL attire are made with exclusive fabrics of the best manufacturers on the market.

At our ATELIER you will find highly skilled staff who help you choose your dress and the matching accessories. All models are sewn and finished by hand using high quality fabrics. At our atelier we make the dream of every bride come true, impeccably customising the dress for the best day of their life. SPOSA BELLA Atelier also manufactures exclusive clothes for great international fashion designers

participating in fashion shows in Paris and other major social events.

"La Sposabella of Maria Contu"

Address: Via Napoli, 34 - 08029 Siniscola (NU)

Phone: +39 0784 878282 - Mobile: +39 328 1445970

email: info@ateliersposabella.it

Sposabella Dressmakers
Sposabella of Maria Contu
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