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Siniscola springs
Siniscola springs

Among the springs to visit we suggest:

Su Cantaru :it can be reached following the central Via Isalle (Siniscola) along the road leading to the town of Lode, after one kilometer from the overpass on the 131 motorway you will reach a gravel road that leads to the Su Cantaru natural spring. The spring, rich in water, is located in a place thickly shaded by oaks and Mediterranean plants where you can quench your thirst and enjoy the scenery.

Luittu Spring:

from "Su Cantaru" you can proceed along the cart track which runs alongside a stream and then up a steep slope to a clearing with an ancient furnace for the production of lime, here you will reach the area of ​​Luittu, famous for its healthy air and spring water which is said to be febrifuge and diuretic.

A church dedicated to Our Lady of Health is located near this spring.

Ususule: Going back toward the church of Our Lady of Health you proceed to Monte Albo and following the gravel road and you can get to the Ususule spring.

Grassianu: from the Ususule spring, proceeding through a thick holm oak wood you will reach the Grassianu spring, near a rural settlement located on the edge of a pine forest. 

S'Ulidone: From the suburb of Sant'Anna you can proceed to the village of Lula along the ridge of Monte Albo and not far from the paved road, on the left, reach the S'Ulidone spring. The area is located within a large mountainous region, in a landscape alternated by oak forests, pine forests, grassy glades and steep slopes with dolomitic ridges. 

Su Tassu: From the S'Ulidone spring you can proceed along the paths through the woods until you reach the Su Tassu spring, among the amazing colours and scents of the Mediterranean scrub.

Sa Mela:From the S'Ulidone spring, going back on the dirt road you will reach "Sa Mela" with the eponymous spring, from here you can walk along the slopes of Monte Albo in the valley of Riu Siccu.

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