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TerraMare Sports and Cultural Association

The TerraMare Sports and Cultural Association was created to promote the town of Siniscola through sports and other events that enhance the natural beauty of the place and the need to preserve it (combining sports and waste disposal), forming amateur sports teams and groups aware of the need for the territory to grow with the help of its inhabitants.


The culture/sports/environment mix creates a wealth of opportunities for promotion and development which are attractive to tourists who want to visit the territory not only in summer but also during the underestimated autumn, winter and spring periods. Amateur activities such as MMA, foot racing, self-defense and water sports have been managed directly by the Chairman Fabio Curr, who in addition to being a qualified trainer, has dedicated years to find particular routes:

on Montalbo, with nature walks in the woods.


On the coast, with sailing boats-catamarans-windsurfing and with SUP boards which offer the opportunity to train while enjoying the clear, transparent sea and unspoilt landscape;

wine and food, tasting local products (such as SA Pompia);

crafts/art/business guide to help find potters, painters, various markets in the area and to create new activities related to the exchange-barter-recycling of used items.

The TERRAMARE Association is tied to tradition, crafts and traditional products and among its various vocations there is that to create a circuit of events with ENGLISH courses, so one can describe the characteristics of Siniscola also to an international audience.

The purpose of the TERRAMARE Association is to transform Siniscola from simple ''enchanting picture'' for residents and guests, into a ''living picture'' full of activities, sports, shared beauty, rediscovery of genuine flavours and ecological sensitivity.



  • Martial Arts (MMA) Courses at Siniscola Youth Centre;
  • A (free) one-day self-defense course for women;
  • Sailing courses (catamaran, sailing dinghy, optimist for children) and windsurfing;


  • Formation of an MMA sports team to participate in national competitions;
  • Organisation of sports competitions (running and triathlon) in the municipality area (Montalbo, pine grove etc. ..) to be combined with environmental days (cleaning the pine grove and montalbo) and walks;
  • Organisation of self-defense courses for women;
  • Organisation of sailing and windsurfing courses in English for students of the town schools starting from the age of 7;
  • Organisation of events (summer season) at the sailing school with free trials of sailing and windsurfing. Beach Volleyball Tournaments and boat races;
  • Organisation of markets and exhibitions of cultural interest linked to the region (handicrafts, second hand and barter, photography, food and wine, art and music);


  • Enhancement of the area, involvement in the activities of the institutions, youth participation.

Info and contacts
TerraMare Cultural and sports association

e-mail: terramareasd@gmail.com

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