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Terras Apertas- High Barony Farmers Association

Terras Apertas

''Terras Apertas'' is an association of farmers that works to safeguard and promote the agricultural production of the high baronies area.

It promotes direct sales as the primary means for marketing local food products which are the result of the productive capacity of member farms. ''Direct sales'' in every shape of human contact and trust towards consumers and as a form of respect for the environment, practicing sustainable agriculture with less carbon dioxide emissions caused by transportation.

Farmers who are members of the Association contribute to the consumption of local products in the school cafeteria in Siniscola, manage the Farmer's Market and work to raise awareness among consumers of the importance of a more informed consumption.

Terras Apertas is the local alternative to large retailers for a quality-oriented consumption.


Info and Contacts

Chairwoman: Lorenza Mercante

Headquarters: P.za Martiri di Via Fani

E-mail: terrasapertas@tiscali.it


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