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Tombs of Giants

There are also many tombs of giants that can be visited, losing yourself in the pristine green countryside. Among the main ones we have:


Su Itichinzu.

This tomb of giants is on the road between Irgoli and Capo Comino (about 4 km before reaching Capo Comino). It is small and is certainly of the type without a stele. Few traces remain of the exedra while a rectangular room is still perfectly distinguishable.


Su Picante.

It is perched high on a plateau in the Jorghi Ufrattu region, along the valley of the Rio Caddare between Irgoli and Capo Comino. It is an orthostatic type tomb of giants of dolmen tradition; it has been restored almost in its entirety, consolidated and made accessible. It consists of a rectangular corridor made with slabs fixed edge on, alternating with blocks arranged in rows and covered by tabular slabs, only partly surviving. A semicircular exedra is open on the front defining the ceremonial area; this still retains 12 orthostates each side in place, reinforced on the sides and on the back by a sort of wall that is meant to support and contain the thrusts of the imposing mound. The structure of the tomb is not perfectly regular. The excavation has allowed the recovery of offerings, mostly ceramic containers decorated with ribs and bosses, laid in the exedra, predominantly on the right side.

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