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Traditional Siniscola Cuisine
Traditional Siniscola Cuisine

Siniscola, a land of flavours and fragrances where the skill of the breeders, dairymen and farmers transforms the fruits of our land into products rich in goodness.

Among the local products, sheep and goat cheeses that are produced according to traditional methods stand out and can be purchased from dairies or directly from shepherd families.


We have oil extracted from our olives which enhances the flavours of local cuisine and honey, still produced by a few people, which conquers the senses with its taste and its precious tones.


In Siniscola, even the most discerning palate appreciates enthusiastically the taste of ancient dishes that have in simplicity and genuineness the secret of their success.


The Siniscolese menu consists mainly of roast pork, goat, lamb, veal and sheep, famous for the unique flavour of the meat; the meat is also ''stewed'' or boiled with potatoes and vegetables.

''Sa suppa'' stands out among the traditional Siniscolese dishes, it is made with a special bread called ''Lorica'', dried and cut into strips and cooked with mutton or beef broth and with meat and molten cheese sauces.


Carasatu bread, which is still prepared for family consumption, is made in Siniscola and in many places in the Nuoro area; it is also used to make "su pane vrattu", a dish that is prepared by distributing in layers on a plate, slices of carasau bread previously dipped in broth which are then gradually covered with meat sauce and sprinkled with grated pecorino cheese.

Among the traditional dishes we also have first courses of cheese or ricotta cheese ravioli, and pasta made for small dumplings "maccarrones de punzu" and long pasta ''de busa''.


Not to mention the sea that, thanks to the work of local fishermen, offers tasty fresh fish.

Finally, we also offer a wide variety of traditional sweets among which "Sa Pompia", made with the fruit of the homonymous plant.

Every dish you taste in our area is, and will always be, cooked in full respect of ancient culinary traditions, treating you with an extraordinary culinary journey.

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