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Traditional Sweets

Siniscolese cuisine offers a variety of traditional confectionery for every occasion, traditional sweets that will leave you pleasantly surprised ...


There are two main sweets, the rarest and finest of all made with the fruit of the "Sa Pompia" plant. They are the "Sa Pompia intrea" and the "S'aranzata", representing the coronation of the most famous Siniscolese confectionery. Both cooked with honey, sugar and a long and laborious preparation, they will exalt the pleasure of your palate in a unique manner.

Nevertheless, there are other sweets and among the most typical of Siniscola we have "Su Pistiddu" which can be enjoyed in January on the feast of St. Anthony.


Guests can also enjoy the origliette "sas urillettas", braids made with flour dough and eggs, fried and dipped in honey and "Sos fusones", similar to donuts and pancakes, covered with sugar or honey, sweets of the Carnival period that you can enjoy during the whole year.

We also have the formagelle called "Sas Casatinas", baskets of pastries, both sweet and savoury, stuffed with ricotta or cottage cheese with mint and parsley.


The Siniscolese cuisine will also let you enjoy the famous "Seadas" which, with their thin pastry, a heart of cheese and covered with sugar or honey will make you understand that sometimes, simplicity in the kitchen is really the best thing.

We also make papassini "Sos papassinos", the autumn sweet par excellence.

Origliette (braided nests dipped in honey),

Fanciful for both the palate and for the eyes, they are prepared with flour, yeast, eggs, lard, raisins, walnuts and almonds and sometimes covered with white frosting and coloured sugar sprinkles to give a touch of colour which is appreciated by children.

You can also enjoy red pastries called "Pastas Rujas", and the macaroons "Sos amarettos".

The latter are prepared with sweet and bitter almonds, egg whites and sugar, they are very nice sweets, soft and fragrant, perfect to offer or enjoy on any occasion.


But the list of Siniscolesi sweets does not end here, among the most common of the traditional Sardinian cuisine we have the Sighs that in Siniscolese are called "Guelfos": delicious pralines made with almond paste sprinkled with powdered sugar; not to mention "Sos marigosos", French meringues, snow-white and crumbly on the outside but soft and moist inside with toasted almonds and lemon zest.

Not mention the classic Sardinian biscuits made with a mixture of eggs, flour and sugar and that before baking are dusted with powdered sugar. These are also called "biscottos de caffè; because it was an old custom to offer them during festivities together with a cup of coffee.

We are confident that these sweets, with their flavours, aromas and colours will make your vacation even more sweet and unforgettable.


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