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Among the peculiarities of Monte Albo that you should not miss, there are the oak, yew and arbutus forests.

On Monte Albo nature is something wild. This massif was created from chaos in the mists of time. Here you will not find simple gardens but an uncontaminated globe where nature, with foresight, has committed itself to disseminate extraordinary natural beauty everywhere.

Among the principal naturalistic routes we recommend:


Ususule wood.

You'll find yourselves immersed in virgin forest, dominated by oaks several thousand years old. The oasis of Ususule is perhaps one of the most extraordinary and beautiful around Monte Albo. A picturesque landscape surrounded by the lush greenery of a vast forest that stands out among the pure white walls of the massif; it is one of the few areas of holm oak woods in Sardinia, where you can also admire the arbutus, the phillyrea and the prickly juniper, while the most common grass species is the cyclamen; this is one of the most pristine forested areas of the island. Inside the woods there is a picnic area where you can stop and enjoy this corner of paradise.


Ulidone Wood.

The name of this wood comes from the Sardinian "S'ulidone" which means Arbutus. This wood is, in fact, characterised by secular Arbutus trees alternating with holm oaks and large areas of scrubland (evergreen shrubs) forming the typical landscape of the Sardinian Mediterranean scrub where you can immerse yourself in the scents and colours of this naturalistic oasis.


Punta Cupetti.

Crossing the old well-trodden path called "S'iscala de su Tassu" you get to the karstic fields of Punta Cupetti (1,029 metres above sea level). From the top you can admire a unique panorama that sweeps from Tavolara, through the entire coast of Siniscola up to the chain of Supramonte, while on the plateau you can admire the archaic sheepfolds and Sos Pinnattos, the old houses of Sardinian shepherds. The route is characterised by ancient yews and limestone reliefs and pinnacles.

After crossing S'ena and Cupetti the trail goes down to an area called "S'adde", where a stream originates and then dives underground in a deep gully that separates Punta Cupetti from the rest of Monte Albo and takes the name of Riu Siccu. This area is rich in Montpellier maple, flowering ash and various kinds of flora that will leave you spellbound.


Monte Albo ridge line.

The crest of Monte Albo is characterised by karstic plateaus that alternate along the way, they are called "Sas Enas", fresh, natural expanses which in the past were used as pastures and cultivated fields; the archaic sheepfolds are what remain as a testimonial .

Today, these plains are covered with Santolina corsica and Helichrysum scrub where it is not difficult to encounter local wildlife.

The landscape is dominated by blinding white limestone with typical erosive formations that are interspersed with flashes of colour due to the growth of plants such as milkweed and from isolated trees like maple trees, pear trees, junipers and spruces clinging to the rocks.

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